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You can bitch like hell about how miserable you are, and how you were never breast-fed. You will also question the prevailing orthodoxy, asking yourself things like: "How can life be a bowl of cherries, when the cherry season is so short? Cancer The pendulum of your love life will swing slowly towards the good as you discover the great joys of internet porn, while pretending to look at watches on eBay or do an Ocado shop. While the rest of the family may well grumble about your bad timekeeping and the lack of groceries, you will not be able to find it in your heart to care, particularly as both Lusty Lola and Busty Betsy are online and waiting for you right now.

Capricorn Your staunch 'my country, right or wrong' patriotism will be sorely tested when you discover you have been French all along. Although this does explain certain aspects of your behaviour - like cycling around in a stripy jumper with onions around your neck, and always kissing with tongues - you will be shocked and dismayed as well as ejected from UKIP.

Your friends and family will be supportive but will not like you anymore all the same, and may even decide to buy their onions elsewhere. Aquarius With Neptune moving into your belly button at the end of February, you will spend much of March navel-gazing and thinking: how did it do that? Expect Capricorn to start circling your Venus and having a good sniff from July.

Although shouting 'be off, and leave my Venus alone' is rarely effective, chasing Capricorn with a rolled-up newspaper may do the trick. Financially, you will have few worries unless you do, and your health will be good unless you get ill. Sagittarius Like all Sagittariansyou are kindness itself as well as phenomenally patient. However, if they don't come up with the money by the end of this month, kill the twins and their kitten. If they do come up with the money, don't kill the twins and their kitten.

Just rough them up a bit. This year, you will be ready to accept changes to the living room, and possibly even a new sofa.

Scorpio With Mercury doing something or other and then the opposite, sit tight this year and don't do anything at all, as it might give you cancer. Although melancholic by nature, you're right to think that while everyone enjoys a nice bowl of soup, surely there is more to life. No more pains.. Home to home Services what we provide Become Expert register as an expert Become Client register as a client How it Works get help Disclaimer terms and conditions Contact Us get in touch.

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SpiritualDiagnosis in on 9 Oct how to get your man back after a break up? Immortaltruth in on 9 Oct Honest, powerful, in depth, accurate, truthful and ethical Expert insight on any of life matter. I''''''''m an Intuitive and experienced Psychic Reader. Truthful in on 9 Oct can you about your lovelife,present,past and future. Extremely health conscious, highly resistant to disease or infections, and fastidious when it comes to eating nutritiously.

The period around the January 28, and the Full Moon on the 11th, end of July and early August are when you are not at your most robust or healthiest.

To combat this, a vigorous fitness campaign or exercise regime is suggested. Sleep the rest of the time. Otherwise you should be injury free, with few deficiencies, and even fewer maladies. Of prime importance is to achieve balance and peace at all costs, if you are to remain at your fittest and in peak condition in With Jupiter passing through Libra until your next birthday, there is no reason for pessimism or depression, which has plagued you in the past, and led to fatigue and sudden illnesses.

If anything the overall quality of your life will improve with impressive results. Start with small steps, simple changes in diet and routine, and build from there. There are two periods of the year when you need to be more health conscious- starting from February 26 - March 19 , and again in late August and first three weeks of September.

Astrologers frequently concentrate on whether Scorpios have a healthy sex life, your reproductive organs, menstrual cycles, and so forth.

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They hate the sight of blood, bodily fluids, needles and anything gory but there are hardly any concerns healthwise this year, apart from the odd dizzy spell, bout of anxiety, mostly psychosomatic and old habits - all of which are about to be broken. There are times when you seem world weary or lacklustre, in particular around. After that, a transformation of unequalled proportion is indicated in your lifestyle for the first time in over a decade.

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Less consumption of food and alcohol, better nutrition, and a proper routine is the answer in Saturn, the taskmaster, in Sagittarius until early December, will bring the best, if not greatest results, and even help you lose some bodyweight. All you require is discipline. The period between the April 26 - May 10 and November 4 are all times when recuperation, brief respite, and a few early nights works wonders. Above all, a new and unusual form of sport, anything that gets the adrenalin going or cardio pumping - even marathon running - is indicated.

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justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius
justin toper horoscopes aquarius Justin toper horoscopes aquarius

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