Capricorn weekly horoscope 18 december

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Prepare to learn from your mistakes and set a plan for a brighter and more successful future. If you're already pumped for the cosmic shift, get a load of this: The day after Capricorn season begins will also be the day a full moon in Cancer lights up the sky.

Weekly Horoscope: July 15 - 21

This is one of the most beautiful full moons of the whole year for so many reasons, one being that the moon literally rules over Cancer and functions most elegantly when its in its favorite sign in the zodiac. Reflecting light from a sun in its opposite sign, Capricorn, this full moon will give you a sense of emotional completion and revelation that you didn't even know you needed. The sun has entered your 10th house of career and reputation, drawing your focus toward your overall success in life and how far you've come in your journey toward greatness. Dedicate yourself to accomplishing something important to you.

With a full moon lighting up your fourth house of family, you're receiving insight about how you can strike a balance between success in the outer world and success in your world. Your ninth house of adventure and expansion is now absorbing light from the sun. You're searching for something new in your reality and you're willing to try new things and open your mind.