Venus january 7 astrology

12222 Venus Retrograde

Flirty charm and romance. Plummeting headlong into fun and pleasure. Sounds like Venus in your 5th house. There are two periods during the year when our capacity to attract — love, money, possessions, good times — is at its peak. One of these is when Venus is in its ruling 7th. The other is when it is in our 5th. But you have this aspect supersized.

The reason — Jupiter is also in here and will remain so until December. Attraction is amplified until December but consider Venus in here those extra sequins on your spangly attention-getting outfit. You have a confidence and also a playfulness that is going to be difficult to resist now. Creating the best first impression or approach? Whether romance or business is on your mind — you got this. Follow your intuition and inspiration now as creativity merges with karmic romance and destiny.

Your gut feeling could lead you to the right place and the right connection. Good times may be yours to explore as may be lucky breaks and gaining show-stopping attention for what you do — or just what makes you special. Powerful aspects could transform your work path, your studies, your routine and even your wellbeing.

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Being organised and structured around these themes and being prepared to work and do what needs to be done is important now. Do the work because you know play and pleasure is waiting for you afterwards. Take care of your diet, yoga is also good for you now. Work success or a new job could await if you have laid the right foundations.

Weekly Horoscope: January 7 - 13

Success is all part of your attraction factor now. In a nutshell: Radiate and attract back in kind. What you put out there is pulled towards you. Get creative, Leo.

New beginnings and rebirth bring fresh starts Upgrade your lifestyle Romance has a karmic tinge. Who you live with, where you live and that place that resonates with your soul are in focus this week. As you know, you have Jupiter in your 4th of family, home and long term paths until December. This week Venus moves in bringing benefits through your home, a family member or even women via your career, the opportunity to beautify your surroundings or to undertake home or lifestyle upgrades. Moving to a bigger, better home is one way this could occur as could redecorating.

Others could benefit via a roommate or someone they live with — perhaps a partner. Who do you belong with? And where? Remember, this may not be the family we are born into but the one we create for ourselves. If you have been dreaming of moving elsewhere — be it to another neighbourhood, town or even country, now is the time to explore those possibilities.

Any shift should be beneficial now. Ruler Mercury meeting Saturn in your 5th favours long term decisions when it comes to love or children. Some of you may upgrade your living space due to family expansion. This week also sees a powerful creative meeting between the Sun and Pluto also in your 5th. As well as the possibility of a birth, this could see the birth of a creative project or venture, recognition for what you alone can do or the start of an intense and possibly karmic—tied romance.

Magnetic meetings and opportunities are heading your way. Get out there — and watch success intensify. In a nutshell: Who you live with, who you call family and where you feel you belong, brings you a renewed sense of security. Children and romance also feature in new beginnings, Virgo. Ruler Venus is on the move into your 3rd this week — joining Jupiter in here. Love, romance, beauty, freedom — and yes, truth — all these fuel your conversations now. Expect opportunities to flirt. This is an excellent time for business, getting that new job or pushing forward with that project or message.

See every encounter as an opportunity to engage and connect from the heart, and people will respond in kind. Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life as well you know, so business should be booming in more ways than one.

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  • Use any financial gains that may be coming your way to add to your security in the long term. Four planets remain in your 4th of home, long term career and security — the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury and Saturn meet in here which could bring you news that cements your future. While the Sun and Pluto also meet in here pointing to a powerful and beneficial move.

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    If you seeking to regenerate in a new home, area of even career reinvention, this week aligns you to those changes. Major transformations could occur around your most intimate emotional relationships. I n a nutshell: The power of ideas and the magic of words are your superpowers now.

    Watch how they transform your world — and bring you big benefits. Leave no heart untouched this week. Venus enters its ruling 2nd this week — joining Jupiter in here. Later this year you will enter another cycle where not only your money but your values will be increasingly important. This week allows you to do the ground work for that. How you think of money is going to be every bit as important as how much you have. What does it buy you? In fact, with your bank account set to increase, focussing on the choices it creates and the experiences it can buy you, is the way to ensure gains add value.

    This can lean towards a deeply spiritual new love connection as you have Neptune in your 5th. But remember, close friendships, long term working relationships and business partnerships are all ruled by Venus too! Expect whatever form a new relationship takes to be based on love! Ruler Pluto is involved in a collision with the Sun in your 3rd and Mercury which rules this house meets Saturn in here this week.

    What's My Venus Sign? Find Out Here!

    Just show you are serious about what you are saying. Power moves can be made now and major agreements can be reached. While Venus retrograde will ultimately award us a fruitful period for revisiting our creative tastes and proclivities, it also makes this an inopportune time for charging ahead with artistic projects. Luxurious purchases of any kind made as our values undergo meaningful shifts are likely to feel ill-advised post-Venus retrograde and fill us with buyer's remorse.

    Design projects, shopping sprees, and 'big ticket' purchases like watches and jewelry would be better left for later in the year. For similar reasons, Venus retrograde is not the ideal time for drastic changes in one's appearance or beauty regimen, whether that entails a new hairdresser or an aesthetician. Venus also relates to elements of sexuality as well as conception, so it may be well-advised to take heed before jumping headlong into hedonistic bliss or procreation; better success will likely be had with either pursuit once Venus stations direct and exits the retrograde shadow.

    It is relatively common to have transpersonal planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde in the natal chart since they spend nearly half the year retrograde. Venus, on the other hand, only spends about seven percent of its time retrograde, making natal Venus retrograde far less common. Further, and importantly, because Venus is a personal planet tasked with integral parts of our personality and psyche, the effects of Venus retrograde in the natal chart are far more profound. Venus describes by sign, house, and aspect both what we find attractive and how we go about attracting it.

    Unlike Mars, the active 'yang' principle which chases after whatever it finds appealing, Venus' talent is for radiating her essence until the right pursuer picks up the scent. On a more mundane level, the natal Venus may describe our approach to aesthetics in general, including things like our style of dress, appearance, and tastes.

    R29 Original Series

    Venus is just as potent for describing what we value and in what area of life we are likely to experience feelings of worthiness. When applied to intimate relating, however, the meaning is twofold: Venus can describe both the qualities we find attractive in a partner as well as our attitude towards partnership. You can feel more alive and as though the stress of something is going to pass soon and you aren't caught up in the negative emotions that had held you down in the past.

    When you find yourself returned to a happy space, don't be too quick to forget what you went through. It's extremely important to remember the negative even when it's not where you are any longer. It has no physical meaning for your current moment but it helps you to understand what to avoid in the future. For this reason, negative experiences have a positive benefit for you because it reminds you the cost you paid for joy.


    Leo, no man is an island but the way to community is by sharing your wisdom, talents and time with others. You may feel that your heart grows and expands when you are in a giving state. With INGUZ, the desire to be part of something greater than yourself is a real need, not just a want. It's time to break out of your shell. With the Hermit tarot card you may have needed some time to gather your thoughts and feel the pain you needed to process. When your mind is clear and you are sure about what you think and feel, you can give from a deep well that won't run dry.

    Virgo, good things come your way. It's often a distraction to test your ability to focus on the truth. Life can present things to you in threes and you have to make a choice that's ideal for you. These opportunities are golden, but only one is perfect for this time. Thinking that you have limited potential is a mindset to change. The World tarot card is like your capacity for new beginnings, endless.

    Each day is a new beginning. Remember that. Libra, wanting something for a long time can make the receiving of it taste more than sweet.

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    Prepare for a fulfilling time that's both sensual and mentally rewarding. Love can be found in different capacities and your desire to see the beauty of its expression in both big and small ways is something to look forward to with anticipation from this month through next year. Making room for something as great as love fulfilled requires that room is available for it to fit into your king sized heart. Let the process unfold without force.

    The Star tarot card is a signal to let the light of life shine where it will and you will see the path crystal clear as if it were sprinkled with magic. Scorpio, deep down in side you already know the parts of you that are less than perfect and reminders from others aren't necessarily productive.

    In fact, it can be counter productive at best. No, it's trying to improve yourself. Following the crowd may be an outdated practice. The Hierophant tarot card is a reminder that others may not be willing to go the extra mile; not for you or for themselves. So, when you change and start picking apart those flaws, you may also find those friends you outgrow start to find new things to do with their lives and it might not include you.

    Sagittarius, being a stand up person means you have to confident enough that when someone says something good or bad it doesn't affect you either way. Of course, compliments are always welcomed, but the way you feel self-esteem wise soon won't depend on them. With the Emperor tarot card, this level of inner strength and determination will give you a vibe that attracts other strong people to you, and one of them may be a soulmate.

    Capricorn, learning to stand still, as the rune ISA implies can take time, practice and sometimes failure. You may have a tendency to push for what you want only to discover you expended a lot of energy but came up with nothing to show for your time. ISA lets you know that patience isn't just a virtue, it's a way of life.

    You sometimes just need to wait and there's no angle to adjust. A situation takes time to change. So, when you feel that you are alone, remember that your friends and associates have supportive information you need. Everyone is born with a specific task. Aquarius, the process of growth first comes by awareness and an action step that follows. PERTH is the step of initiation from one role into another. You may not be where you are now, and the truth is you don't necessarily want to be. A choice has to be made.

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