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Now we can enjoy her version of the traditional Rider Waite Smith images in an enchanting art nouveau style. The beauty of the cards is enhanced with gold foil, adding a sense of magic to these astonishing images. The Golden Art Nouveau Tarot will inspire your intuitions and your readings. The best-selling Before Tarot and After Tarot explore what happens just before and after each arcana, to deepen our understanding of individual cards.

With art by Franco Rivolli, the In Between Tarot focuses on relationships between cards, which some say is where the magic really happens in a reading. Pace Artwork by L. Raimondo and C. Spadoni 78 cards, 66x mm. English edition.

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The Pagan Tarot has become a modern classic. Setting aside traditional Christian imagery, the Pagan Tarot presents the arcana through the eyes of the pagan worldview. We are happy to offer this new edition with a brand new graphic and borderless cards. The best-selling Before Tarot and After Tarot explore what happens just before and after each arcana.

The In Between Tarot focuses on relationships between cards. With art by Franco Rivolli and a book by Tarot expert Janine Worthington, the In Between Tarot takes understanding the cards to a new and important level. One of the oldest tarot decks ever created, this edition of the Sola Busca Tarot is licensed by Pinacoteca di Brera and features the highest quality images available. The English companion book describes the history of this deck and provides instructions for reading with it. What is better than a Marseille Tarot deck?

Our Professional edition presents the distinctive Marseille illustrations on larger cards, making it easier to see and appreciate details. The sturdy cards hold up to the demands of professional use, whether teaching or doing readings. This useful deck comes in a beautiful box, making transporting it easy and safe. An unique work that seems to create Tarot anew. It can be described by only two words: Black and Gold. Just two colors, but they will take your breath away by sheer elegance and richness of the cards and of the packaging. Traditional tarot has never been so luminous.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Numbered edition, limited to copies. The fifth in our Anima Antiqua series Ancient Soul , this deck features wonderful cardstock and packaging. A must have for Marseille lovers and tarot collectors. The sixth in our Anima Antiqua series Ancient Soul , this deck features wonderful cardstock and packaging. The Wiener Secession was a late 19th-century Austrian art movement, with Gustav Klimt as one of the founding members. Each deck is numbered in this limited edition. The magic of death and the magic of life meet in this colorful, mystical oracle.

Connect with ancestral wisdom and find guidance from beyond the veil with this fascinating deck. Each tarot card contains multiple meanings ranging from light to shadow. The 44 cards present each of the 22 Major Arcana cards from two different points of view. This deck is a wonderful reading deck and can also be used to study various meanings for the cards. Lenormand cards are a great way to find quick, concise answers to everyday concerns.

The Healing Light Lenormand can expand your Lenormand collection or introduce you to this useful divination system. Code: OR33 Christopher Butler 36 cards, 88x mm. Code: OR34 Rossano Stefanin 32 cards, 88x mm. Angelic energies are all around us and take many forms. The Angelic Oracle is a particularly sweet and light connection to these heavenly guides. Let these sweet and whimsical angels uplift you in periods of sadness and deepen your appreciation of moments of joy.

Famous illustrator Jason Engle opens the door to a unique dark fantasy world. Mausolea are tombs or buildings to house the dead. Through the wonderful and chilling images of this oracle, we can access wisdom shared by those who have travelled further than us through this journey of life and death. Cats are particularly good at expressing wisdom and insight.

In the hands of talented Italian artist Paolo Barbieri, cats enter the realm of fantasy to guide us in our search for answers. This beautifully illustrated oracle deck continues to explore the Angelarium saga through the teachings of the Watchers. The Watchers are a mysterious race of angelic beings that descended to Earth in the early days of human existence. Their wisdom and madness mingle to reveal insight about the duality of the human condition. The Oracle of Watchers and the Oracle of Emanations can be used together. Lenormand oracle decks provide quick, clear answers to everyday questions.

Add beauty to your readings or even begin your Lenormand journey with this engaging deck. Christiane Renner walks you through the mysteries of the world famous Lenormand oracle. She makes learning easy with diagrams and keywords. Master the card meanings and the system and you will be doing practical, clear readings in no time. The Marseille Tarot is the deck most used and famous in Europe, since its beginning.

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This book has been built as a guide for the modern reader to approach an ancient deck, and tap to his timeless wisdom with clarity and depth. Come from the wind: the new chapter of the immortal Druuna saga by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. Druuna was one of the most famous erotic science fiction comic books in the world.

It now continues thanks to the new work of his original creator in a setting inspired by the Far West. Paolo Barbieri shows us a new fantasy vision, illustrating Unicorns as they never have been before. Size 21x28,2 cm. Size 22x30 cm. Size 14x21,5 cm. Size 20,2x28,2 cm. Italian and English edition. The Fantasy art of Paolo Barbieri gives us twelve incredible illustrations of Unicorns. The visual magic of the artist shows these extraordinary creatures as never have been seen before.

Shamantic wisdom, cyberpunk influences and sheer creativity animates each of these illustrations. The artwork of Jason Engle has no rivals into creating wonder through the darkness. Code: WS08 Size box xx35 mm. Inside: 1 metal engraved pen and 2 bottles of ink A metal engraved steampunk pen. Two ink bottles, one black and one amaranth. A perfect box and an elegant packaging, suitable as a precious gift.

This is for those moments when writing is not just a message, but an experience and an art. Code: WS09 Size box 90xx40 mm. Inside: 1 stick natural wax, 1 seal. The new travel set packaging is both elegant and practical and includes a red wax stick. Atanassov 78 cards, 66x mm. Artwork by Marco Nizzoli 78 cards, 66x mm. Burdel, Schaffhouse, 78 cards, 66x mm. Alligo and Silvana Alasia, artwork by Silvana Alasia 78 cards, 66x mm.

Engravings by C. Della Rocca, printed by F. Gumppenberg, Milano, 78 cards, 66x mm. Pignatiello and Luca Raimondo, artwork by Luca Raimondo 78 cards, 66x mm.

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Ferrara Master, ca. Atanassov, artwork by A. Artwork by Iassen Ghiuselev and Atanas A. Gina M. Pace, artwork by L. Raimondo, colors by C. Artwork by Walter Crane and Ernest Fitzpatrick 78 cards, 66x mm.

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Riccardo Minetti, artwork by Anna Lazzarini 78 cards, 66x mm. Madame Lenormand, artwork by Ernest Fitzpatrick 78 cards, 66x mm. Artwork by Paolo Martinello 78 cards, 65x mm. Hsu Chi Chun, artwork by Leo Tang 78 cards, 66x mm. Filadoro, artwork by S.

Ariganello and A. Pastorello 78 cards, 66x mm.

VIRGO 2020 *BEST READING EVER!* ♍️😱🔮 Psychic Tarot Card Reading

Aleister Crowley, artwork by Frieda Harris 78 cards, 70x mm. Italian edition. Maria Caratti, artwork by Antonella Platano 78 cards, 66x mm. Pierluca Zizzi, artwork by Roberto De Angelis 79 transparent cards, 66x mm. Marina Roveda, artwork by Simone Gabrielli 78 cards, 66x mm. Giovanni Pelosini, artwork by Giuseppe Palumbo 78 cards, 66x mm, Instructions. Code: EX B. Moore, artwork by Grzegorz Krysinski and Simone Gabrielli 78 cards, 66x mm.

Moore, artwork by S. Artwork by Erik C. Dunne 78 cards, 66x mm. Massaglia, color by B. Nosenzo 78 cards, 70x mm. Artwork by Renata Lechner 78 cards, 70x mm. Artwork by Nicoletta Ceccoli 78 cards, 66x mm. Emanuela Signorini, artwork by Giulia F. Massaglia 78 cards, 66x mm. Artwork by Paolo Barbieri 78 cards, 66x mm.

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Riccardo Minetti, artwork by Paolo Martinello 78 cards, 66x mm. Carole-Anne Eschenazi, artwork by Alexandra V. Bach 78 cards, 70x mm. Jodorowsky, Philippe Camoin 78 cards, 65x mm. Artwork by Roberto De Angelis 78 cards 66x mm, book. Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall 78 cards, 66xmm. Conway, S. Knight, Lisa Hunt 81 cards, 72x mm. Watch the familiar Arcana as they come alive, and give a whole new depth to your readings! According to Ms Fox, will deliver unique and unusual gifts for Aries, but also a fair share of setbacks.

Long-distance travel is a real possibility for Aries, as well as many opportunities to broaden skills. In , Taurus is set to experience 'considerable change on a very personal level'. What you may have once thought was impossible — or would have never considered — will manifest. Taurus should dream big and leave themselves open to opportunities to help those in need or further their education. Aries looks set to broaden horizons in , with long distance travel a real possibility stock image. After a period of madness in , the new year will give Gemini the chance to focus on long-term goals and potential gains.

The new year looks set to be a time of intense change for Cancer, a period of transition into 'the person you are destined to be'. But Ms Fox cautioned that some of the opportunities will not necessarily be welcome ones, and Cancer may need to confront some demons along the way. Significant rewards can be reaped if Leo is willing to take a risk in If you've been treading water, avoiding confrontation, or have let others make decisions for you, is going to pull the rug out from under you! The new year will also bring new creative outlets and interests for Leo.

While you may not feel as naturally creative as usual, Ms Fox said the next 12 months will be a time for improving self-expression. Leo could reap significant rewards if they are willing to take a risk next year stock image. For dramatic Scorpio, could bring both the sudden end and the immediate start to a close relationship. The new year looks set to involve travel to far-flung destinations where Scorpio can escape from reality.

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  5. For dramatic Scorpio, could bring both the sudden end and the immediate start to a close relationship stock image. According to Ms Fox, Sagittarius will make their own luck in , signalling the end of recent years of struggle and difficulties. Ms Fox believes will be require perseverance and ambition for Capricorn. The new year will bring career success and professional opportunities if Pisces plays their cards right stock image. According to Ms Fox, the best way for Aquarius to instigate change in is taking control of situations themselves. The new year will bring new people into Pisces' life who appreciate them for who they really are.

    Sagittarius will have financial success and Taurus will need to 'embrace change': Celebrity astrologer reveals what looks like for each star sign Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed what the new year will bring for you Aries will embark on long distance travel while Taurus will experience change Gemini should make investments and Leo is advised to take risks The coming months will also bring financial success for Sagittarius By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia Published: BST, 26 November Updated: BST, 6 September e-mail shares.

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    alexandra tarot virgo 2020 Alexandra tarot virgo 2020
    alexandra tarot virgo 2020 Alexandra tarot virgo 2020
    alexandra tarot virgo 2020 Alexandra tarot virgo 2020
    alexandra tarot virgo 2020 Alexandra tarot virgo 2020
    alexandra tarot virgo 2020 Alexandra tarot virgo 2020

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