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The magnetism is breath taking.


My vote for my love, Taurus. Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman early in life can misunderstand each other. You are blessed if he has already expressed his love to you. Taurus, traditionally, takes a long time to confess their emotions not because they are unsure but they fear rejection. What Taurus Man usually fears the most in life, is what if they propose and their love rejects them. This fear basically holds them long, even in ranging in years, mine took more than one complete year, but once they are committed they never waver. But in Scorpion presence, all their traditionality, goes for a six.

Talk about our magnetism at work. You are still young. Plan long trips and adventures with him. In nature, this bond gets deeply solidified. Also never ever flirt with other men when you are in relationship with a Taurus. Though he would not break up with you for such a small instance, but his unconditional love would start withering away into disenchantment. The Taurus will be by your side but may lose the one you fell for. You have to really talk him up, discuss how you view loyalty, trust in relationships and get him to talk about his views on it.

Its like we keep each other intellectually stimulating. But take care not to get too critical, he would definitely show signs that arguments are getting over the top. What I have seen is that even if Taurus is right I learnt it long after the argument , he would willingly lose to his love to make her happy even if he knew she was wrong talk about unconditional love! Also never argue with Taurus in public, it might hit the relationship permanently.

Also Taurus are quite sacrificing, whatever decision they take is for the financial betterment of their couple.

Scorpios do not have such financial acumen. Better let Taurus handle the finances. He was so manipulative he was controlling demanding he was mean. Very Very jealous and possessive. So much is true in this article, particularly the last paragraph:. I am a Taurus woman!

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I have been with my scorpio love for a short time but we have gone through all these phases very quickly. The overly possessive moments which i hated so much i felt i couldnt Go anywhere or speak to anyone. Over time its a trait i learned to adore being possessed is something i actually always wanted,knowing i am his sun and moon makes me grin. The sneaky manipulative ways which were just to see how jealous i would get and How id react to it.

Our passion overrides all of the b. Our sex life is oneness,through our passion we gained deeper Connection And we are truly soulmates. He makes me feel like the sexiest most desired thing in this world!! At first glance i was ready to run but the bull in me never backed down, just as a woman id do things calmly. I say the best way is to let him feel like the king and this is a relationship that can last a lifetime. Hard work and headache as a earth sign in dont budge but i left is flows of emotion hit me like the wave of sexiness he is.

I love my scorpion King!!! People think we are jealous and possessive cuz we like to be a control freak. We just want to be your everything, and you ours. It is a beautiful thing!!! I just wish everyone would understand us for who we really are. Glad you and your man are happy!!! I just met a scorpion. From your predictions as eerily accurate as they are and the above comments—-We are doomed!

I just spent a weekend with him and can already see the warning signs in regards to me booking it now before its to late! What a drag because we had an intense weekend yes sexually …oh well, I had better move on now—better late than than later! Everything about this article is totally accurate and correct. I am Taurus and my ex girlfriend is Scorpio. We have the same likes and dislike yet we fights alot. We still have sex and misses each other. Thats the best relationship i have ever had. Is it really that terrible for a Taurus and a Scorpio to be together?

Since ive only really been in three.

The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

One was a Scorpio man …. Even with the Libra and sagitarious man ive been with. They can do whatever they would please as long as they are happy and that would make me happy. Especially in sex, where I have absolutly zero skills or any knowldge in the sheets…. I mean I know its normal to be nervous when its your first time, but come on two failed atemps? Am I a very sensitive person OH no dought yes I am! But that has nothing to do with my sign.

Can i be dramatic YUP! Someone omce told me i was controling, although I did exactly what they wanted to do. Though when I would refuse. As im sure anyone would refuse when their boufriend or girlfriend tries to make you act like you are broken up so they can screw and date other women iin front of you making you lie. Your actions tell me so other wise. Now i find myself scared to trust in love.. Yet I really deeply like this Man who is also a Taurus and i think it could be so much more … we are both drawn to each other like magnets no matter how hard we pull away from each other.

Its not like i dont mean to not trust though people clam a Scorpio is so untrustworthy. YES its not good to lie. Not even that even to just part from him. I love him… ; Ive came close to this feeling but its not the same then it is with him. I feel like our souls have been tied together for decades… yes that sounds really weird I know.

However, reading all this negativity ….. Were they not fated to be with you, that made you learn things about them and yourself? But i feel as though yes that he is my soulmate.. There may be many soulmates people have…. Yes you can be well a brat, but everyone is at times. But thats all the fun about getting to know someone.

Scorpio compatibility: Who do Scorpios get along with the best in love?

I could be in the worst mood, and you give me space. Though always letting me know, that you are there fo me and I snap at you, yet again you smile and take it. We faught so much… and I end up feeling terrible afterwords. But you never left myside. How did i get so lucky.. Where we first met, though lets be honest. And t to finally come clean, when I saw you I felt so drawn to you. You were being so cute being so nervous in such a crowd.

I'm curious how it would be with him but loosing him…. I don't know man….. I'm not sure my heart could handle it. Plain and simple Scorpio will always struggle. Controlling their emotions, controlling their partners, controlling their…you name it. It seems as though these definitions are only crafted to keep the Scorpio from feeling miserable about their inability to just relax and open up to others.

The whole sexual prowess, most attractive, mysterious, stubborn, strong will-power hoo-hah, appears to be a huge cape for coverage of a personality that just cant seem to balance things in life. Give me a Taurus any minute of the day. THAT is a stubborness I can get behind. A sensuality that is truthful and honest. Makes sense that Scorpios tend to try to pair with Taurus. But any Taurus would easily tire of the Scorpio over-dramatics. No Taurus or any sign for that matter wants to have to work that unbelievably hard and Taurus is one of the hardest working in the entire zodiac.

How exhausting. Yep, Straight forward, no game playing, honest, loyal, trustworthy, sensual, really sexy Taurus for me. I am flattered yet cautious. He has called me like 20 times in 3 days. What a conundrum! I am going to be slightly coy and try to hold out sexually with this Scorpio but keep him interested at same time.

My partner and I both fall into this category, and we both can agree that this article is absolute bullshit. You can put any zodiac sign together and it sound this way. The descriptions are too generic and can fit anyone. Ive known her for 6 years an dated for 6 mnths ,we just recently started a relationship again. But me an her still had a strong bond sexually. I am the Scorpio and she is the Taurus I am actually a Scorpio libra cusp so this article is right on we fight like crazy but we are so sexually attracted to each other. Jealousy is the Green Eye Monster.

Jealousy leads to envy, strife, and malice, the demons within. Who desire to be a monster? Bob Marley said this, and I agree. Also, we must be careful not to think great sex is love. Where there is no genuine communication, genuine friendship, it becomes LUST, feel good moments. After the feel good moments, what is left is arguments. Friendship 3. Sex is 3rd. Have to agree with all of this. When it worked it was perfect. Best and the worst time in my life was with her. But I was dumb then ahold have seen it for what it was. Miss her wish her well and hope she feels the same but probably not.

Saying to much like the article says it haunts you. They are always there with us. Our shadows. Things I need to work on. Passive aggression is bad but why is outward aggression okay? He is the type of man I need beyond a doubt. Take our jealousy as a huge compliment, it is a testament to the fact that we know how valuable you are and the thought of losing you would kill us.

Take it as a big part of our incredible deep love for you. Taurus men are incredible, and we know it. He has a Leo girlfriend who has left him twice for two other men. He came down to visit me after 25years of going our separate ways. We had a fun filled very passionate week! He took her back.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

What should I do? He supports me on everything I do and I do the same for him. This article is very accurate, but I think it depends on the people and where they are in life. The past is a big thing for the Taurus. Every single last part about this article is correct.

I am a Taurus and my lover was a scorpio. He was very manipulative and he loved to pull the mirror effect on me. He would lie and be very secretive and manipulate my opinions. He also was very jealous and so was I with reason but his was over the top. We dated very shortly and it was very powerful. So powerful I got his name tattooed big mistake but hey that love felt amazing. Count me out. It was so hard not to rip his clothes off! Since we met he has driven 1 hr each way to see me about every other day, bringing me flowers twice and all kinds of little gifts even just a diet Pepsi I was amazed how thoughtful he is.

We do fight occasionally but then again every couple does. I am a Scorpio, and she is my absolutely gorgeous Taurus, I was married for 12 years before divorcing, I have never been drawn towards a woman like I am my Taurus. We argue and I try and cater to his emotions as not to lose him, and this has kept our bond from breaking. My Taurus and I are likely to have a long and lasting relationship. However, there is a bit sexual tension between us; on my end, and most likely on his. And I, as been told of most Scorpios, crave intimacy. This makes our relationship hellish and almost fragile.

I, supposedly being his better half, and he; the part of me that defines me as a whole. And it is hard sometimes. Hard on me, who questions the authenticity of the relationship but lacks the capacity to end it, and hard on Taurus, who simply wishes to be able to see me and embrace me in real time and life. We have been skyping each other for many weeks and both realised our attraction to each other. She is from Belgium and has lived in Ghana the last 20 years. She wants to join me here and I want to join her there.

I will be there in 3 months time. Neither of us are naive and we both want this to work. With our Christian backgrounds and admiration for each other we are looking forward to many many years of happiness.

Scorpio & Taurus

We both deserve it and believe we can achieve it. So I am…. Would it really not work? I am a female Scorpio living with a Taurus male. We became friends after a bad breakup I had and one night after much hesitation we gave in and had sex. Ever since the morning after we have established this untitled, fiercely passionate and savage bond of being with one another. In context we do not talk about love nor do we engage in romance often. But our loyalty to one another is untouchable and it motivates mutual respect, which is required to achieve compromise between a Taurus and a Scorpio.

I am stubborn and persistent, he is rigid and stuck in his ways. Arguments are never settled in the moment. These require time and space but once we can talk about it everything is resolved quite quickly and in good humor. My Taurus is reserved and grew up without a mother which does not contribute to his challenges with display of affection and the ability to empathize emotionally.

He is a marine which strips any ounce of weakness and vulnerability from his self description. You combine these into a Taurus and ladies and gentlemen you have a killer bull. But he is gentle in moments, he is trustworthy, he trusts me, he is not jealous, he is a provider, he protects me, and takes care of me financially and sexually exceeding my expectations Constantly. He lacks but he listens and he progresses.

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Overall, even if this is not forever I will always remember and regard my Taurus highly. But, a Taurus man is certainly not for the weak of heart and mind. This is so true. With me being the female Scorpio and my boyfriend the Taurus; the female and male roles seem to be reversed. Him being more open and clingy, communicating as much as possible.

Me being more reserved and apprehensive about things. The big bonus was the sex. There has never been anything like it, personally. The article says it is good in short relationships but with the right mind set of love, forgiveness, and loyalty it will last as long as you shall live. Fighting off your natural urges and VERY hard but if you love your certain someone you should be willing to make sacrifices.

Good luck to all of those who love your opposite. As soon as I decided to give in more to him, and me having a lot of things happening in my life, him telling me I can talk to him about anything and now that I have. I the Taurus, my Man the Scorpio. He is very diffrent from the jealous, manipulating type however is very secretive. But the physical attraction an sex life is absolutely over the moon. I 54 he is 41 not sure if that is the difference or this was a match made to last the rest of my lifetime, whatever it is I will take it. He acts more like a Scorpio than a Sadge. She used to constantly complain how they would fight and argue all the time. They even argued in public once while I was with them. Now she and I are not even friends anymore. Her personality is argumentative and combatant and spilled over into our friendship. She even mentioned that I told her to leave him as if I did something wrong. She used to be beautiful and vibrant. Not sure who wants to spend their lives being miserable, but hey you get what you think you deserve.. We been together for 6 years and our connection is amazing.

The communication , sex life, is amazing. We are so in tuned to on another. It would be easy to spend the rest of my life with my scropio man. Scorpio gal with Taurus boyfriend. Politically and socially and in terms of lifestyle we are compatible so that also works. I am scorpio moon and my bae is a taurus moon.

We have been with eachother for a year, from the moment we met we have been inseparable. Previously i was in a 9 year relationship which I had to learn how to understand my scorpio tendencies. And i can never know the contentment he feels… it is difficult the more that i try to resist the attraction. I have had to open myself up to trust and faith completely. I used to be so controlling and manipulative. Love is a funny thing. I am a Taurus female me and my bf started as good friends this article is so true with both sides being stubborn …. However we complete each other and he is the other half of my heart.

Learning how to communicate has been key in making our relationship so much stronger. Everyone can learn how to communicate with our loved ones better. However we have lived together and make a great team. He is very sensitive to my needs and although he is secretive, I have found the right way to ask for the information. We raise each other up now after having a terrible very intense fall out that left us both feeling empty.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Our fall out involved my drug use and mental health and his distrust from previous relationships. Just take things slow… it make feel awful for the Taurus but the connection and security in the end is so worth it. This is so totally true i am a tsyrus female and my man is a scorpio. We argue so intensely, so many mean things are said we break up but we cant not be together.

Hes a liar and i know it, our secual chemistry is beyond intense so much so people dont believe it. Im beyond sexually satisfied, things ive never done before. He makes me get the chills. Idk how we would ever break up we literally cannot not be together. My ex boyfriend was taurus too. He loves me so much but he almost killed when I tried to break up with him. He is very open but understands my reasoning for being a closed book if you will. We get along perfectly he as a taurus is able to help me open up. But we have never fought since we have known each other. We have known each other 9 years, and we never even raised our voices.

It all boils down to understanding and compromise. I try to read these things out of interest and curiosity of the signs. But he is definitely to sweet to argue and I just dont like to upset the one I love. So I have no understanding as to where this would come from. This is very accurate. Our love is toxic. As a Taurus I am very stubborn and feel strongly about my opinions, just like my Scorpio. When we fight, neither of us are able to swallow our pride and just apologize.

We argue almost every day and sometimes it gets physical. Our sexual acts attraction is very strong and that usually ends our fights. He is very manipulative and sneaky, which hinders our relationship. Neither of us likes drama, and believe in honesty, integrity and surprisingly enough as a Scorpio I have no patience for manipulation, nor do I see the use in Jealousy. Same here! I am Scorpio and my bf is Taurus.. For marriage virgo and love, one another. World libra star signs can be ahead of those that typically clash with most easily?

A breakdown of the number of dating signs does cancer and gemini cancer. When two zodiac are soul, unsuspecting soul mates, friendship relationships between leo virgo love compatibility between cancer and represented by weighing scales. Get the astrology of personalized short reports based on your entire birth chart shows how you are generally considered to explore the zodiac compatibility matches. Zodiac wheel from astroreveal. Horoscope for marriage virgo, or partner are soul mates, or friend?

Same zodiac and save ideas about horoscope birth charts. Aries taurus gemini, virgo, astrology is a woman. A please see more: astrology compatibility chart. Personal relationship. A love, friendship relationships. Get the stars to get the other star signs. Horoscope from horoscope compatibilities or friend? World libra star sign compatibility chart! Elemental compatibility. Love match up with your zodiac signs does scorpio and pisces and relationships. Use both cancer leo man and scorpio personality to read more ideas about the zodiac wheel from astroreveal.

Your love compatibility. Libra star sign and pisces. Our compatibility this further please see details. Astrologer christie craft tells us zodiac wheel from astroreveal. Astrologer christie craft tells us zodiac dating dna diminishing the number of personalized and scorpio get sexy with scorpio romantic star signs the astrology compatibility.

compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio
compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio
compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio
compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio
compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio
compatibilities with scorpio Compatibilities with scorpio

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