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His astrology work is so impressive. He solved my home problems. Thanks for helping me. The way he has guided me, explained me everything in detail, i can tell, that he has lots of experience and is honest too when it comes to predictions and things not every astrologer would tell you. Highly recommended. Astro Bhairav gave me solutions for my family problems I will recommend it to all. Best astrological experience love it. Astro Bhairav gave me solution and now my business is running well moreover i have owned another business too. Really helpful. He is very knowledgeable astrologer and understood my problems and the remedies also worked for me.

He is very genuine astrologer being you can see in today's competitive world. Thank you so much for your kind support and being a major influence in my life. I have been to many astrologers and found all are money minded but not Pandit Bhairav ji he is helped me the result were astonishing. Honestly I recommend everyone. My husband and I were having differences in our marriage.

I really wanted to make it work. My friend suggested Astro bhairav and I was able to save my marriage. Now we are living happily. On account of Bhairav Astrology! The absolute best India Astrologer. This is a result of Astrology I am carrying on with a cheerful life; I might want to thank you for your extraordinary Astrological administrations by and by.

I was facing severe problems in my career life, and then my friend recommended me this astrologer. He guided me in choosing the right path in my career. Now I am working in a good company with handsome salary. I am really grateful and ever remain thankful to Pandit Bhairav who in excellent way and manner dealt and solved the critical problems of my younger daughters married life.

He has solved many of our family problems but my daughters case was too much critical. Within a month my marriage life was back to normal thanks to pandit ji. The most excellent astrologer in London. Pandit ji is consistent, reliable and accurate. His knowledge and predictions are accurate. I was facing severe problems in my career life, then my friend recommended me this astrologer. Now I am working in a good company with very good salary.

My business was not running well and then Pandit B. Rao gave me solution and now my business is running well moreover i have owned another business too. My parents opposed me for marrying my love since she was of a different caste. With the help of his Vashikaran powers he helped me in marrying my love. Within few weeks I got excellent result from his remedies. My rescuer of life, I thought our marriage has ended but thanks to him both my marriage and money has been saved by him.

My friend suggested me to meet Astro Bhairav, with the help of this man I got to know that me and my family was affected by black magic. He suggested me to perform a simple pooja, now me and my family members are leaving happily. I was not getting any growth in my job, having financial difficulties.

Bhairav Ji suggested me some astrological remedies and it really helped me. I am grateful to him. He is good astrologer in all kinds of reading and horoscope I went through lot of problem in my life. After I meet him. His prediction has always been true and accurate. My girlfriend is from another religion and my family was opposing my decision but one of my friend took me to this godly man who solved my problems within a month thanks to Pandit ji now I am happily married. Asto Bhairav suggested me black magic removal solution and it really helped me.

He is not just an Astrologer but also a advisor, When I and my husband were having conflicts on various reasons he astrological power have solved all our problems not only that but also advise us that how can we make are relationship stronger. Pandit Ji helped me in getting my parents to agree to the match. One of the best Vashikaran specialist in London. The only person who helped me when I was struggling with my professional life. I never thought he could deliver result so quickly. My relationship with Astro Bhairav is from past two decades.

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He is like god for me and my family. He is the most reliable and trustworthy person, because of him my life got settled. My relationship with Pandit Bhairav is from past two decades. He brings satisfaction into your life by evacuating issues. An extremely veritable individual which you scarcely find in this day and age.

Basic yet true, Will manage you in an exceptionally positive word, where you expel every one of your feelings of trepidation and move throughout everyday life. Astrologer Bhairav is very best Black Magic Specialists. He is very genuine and honest. He is always engaging with their customers. Best astrologer in London UK. He is a most talented astrologer. Just a tremendous person and a very knowledgeable astrologer I have ever talked to.

My boyfriend left me for some other girl but I was still loved him and wanted him back in my life then my friend recommend me to Pandit Bhairav ji, who helped me in getting him back. I have faced ever with any astrologer before; But Bhairav Ji let me know everything what had happened in my life since my birth to till now and also guided me to take necessary steps for future.

Thanks for helping me Bhairav Ji. He has helped me in solving all the issues which was related to my marriage. With his blessings I am now living happily. My friend suggested me to meet Astro Bhairav, with the help of this man I got to know that I and my family were affected by black magic.

All credits to Pandit ji and his remedies. By the grace of god and pandit ji we are blesses bith baby boy. For marriage he gave me a best solution. He is reliable and trustworthy person. Because of him my life is settled. He is best astrologer in the Canada. First I don't believe on astrology but one of friend referred me for Astro Bhairav. After visiting him at Pandit Ji my view for astrology is changed. I am very much changed by following his advice. Very intense knowledge and in depth analysis.

Panidit Bhairav is very patient in answering questions. Unlike other astrologers no gimmicks just pure wisdom and showing the path correctly. Highly recommend. This Bhairav Ji helped me especially in beating my issues. A standout amongst the best astrologer in the city with extraordinary information in astrology. He has increasingly experienced and takes the necessary steps pleasantly. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Astro Bhairav he saved my marriage from being broken, my husband and I were having differences. My friend suggested Astro Bhairav and I was able to save my marriage.

I and my family is under his guidance for over 10 years, considered his services for my house Vastu and now I take his advice for every single thing. I was very successful business man before falling victim to some problems mentioned hereunder. After consulting Astro Bhairav, he suggested by some astrology-based measures for sorting things out.

His astrological solutions related with financial and corporate astrology, really helped me lot. I had so many problems after marriage. But Astro Bhairav solved my all problem in few days. I appreciate his astrological works. My husband was addicted to alcohol and gambling and lost everything because of his habits. But when I visited Astro Bhairav, he took my husband under his guidance and within couple months I got my husband who was completely changed man. My partner broke up with me over a small fight. I was devoted sincerely.

Thanks to him and his remidies. John Pond. After facing hard times for 3 years both in professional and personal life, I got to know someone has casted black magic spell on me, but Pandit ji who is messiah in my life removed that evil spell from my life completely. I have consulted with many astrologers but after visiting Pandit Bhairav I my life have become more cheerful than before. He really helped me in setting my business. Didn't believe in luck and god but Astro Bhairav made me believe in me and my so many problems got solved by them.

I tried many of astrological website online about my higher studies and career path. One of the best astrologer in Atlanta. He predicted about my characteristics and few of important past events and guide me about studies and career wise their interpretation about planets. He really solved my family problems and my business problems too.

If you have any problems in marriage, finance, career, business etc. I was struggling with some blockages in my professional life. HE was able to quickly cut through the haze and identify the critical issues. Thank you sairam guru ji. You have an amazing gift. I'm so glad I contacted you - I am now more certain of what I need to do Results of this service may vary Happy of My life. I was suffered after breakup from my boyfriend and sairam helped me get through these Predictions of my life.

Through their astrological consultations and distance healing is good working. I am in UK. I was going through bad phase in my carrier life. I have consulted few astrologers in UK, but after spending so much could not get solution. I have consulted Sairam guru ji after one of my friends recommended their services, I am very happy, not only their fees are very low comparing to UK guys but also very very good Service.

My Business Consultation was fantastic! Sairam gave me very clear directions and guidance where my strength is in the chart. It is up to me to take this information and apply it to ultimately achieve my purpose in life! Thank you, Sairam Guruji. I wana thank to Sairam Guru ji for the help, I can't imagine how someone can tell you truth about your past life. They told me exactly what my past was and they read my palm and predict my future.

This helps me to be aware from some of my friends. Thanks Sairam Guruji. I was in a deep stress when I met Pandit Sairam. He guided me in the right directions with help of psychic readings and I was able to achieve happiness. I still go to him for solutions related to all problems of life, thanks guru ji. This is a very good website www. I tried their career Astrology many other reports. Good service thanks Sairam Guruji. I have tried their Astrology. Amazingly good predictions, I have become fan.

Highly recommended, if you want reliable services, please consult sairam guruji. After getting to much rejection in my professional career then I found astrologer Sairam Guru Ji he advised predictions me some mantras which is very helpful thanks guru Ji. Pandith sairam has helped me immensely by guiding me through predictions the difficult paths of love with the help of his love vashikaran mantra. I still look up to Pandith sairam guru ji when looking for effective solutions to fix my love related problem thanks so much I really supported.

Sairam Guru ji is In-depth knowledge on the subject. Very patient in listening the problem and give solution. Explained each and every detail and reason of things. I really very much satisfied and take his suggestion and consultation in all major milestone of my life. Thanks a lot sairam Astrologer. Good listener, explained everything, consulted them for numerology about my baby and muhurta for naming ceremony.

Very cost effective. Sairam Astrologer Answers are excellent in preparing your transit period guide and making your life a very successful experience as their team has deep knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of Astrology. I thoroughly recommend them. Sairam Guruji. For the first time ever, a famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets, previously known only to professionals that hold the key to your future of life. Great astrologer in USA I am blessed that I got his number by my friend and he has solved my personal problems thanks to Sairam guru ji. I am running a school in uk, but since the start I had been bearing problem like sudden accidents, poor performance of students and consistent changing of teachers in my school.

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I got to know about Sairam guruji. Now it is my school only which is acclaimed as most popular and good result oriented. Thanks A lot Sairam Guruji. Overall, due to this position, I had taken consultation from Sairam guruji. He had recommended me the time which will be best to convey feelings such that my love can be accepted, thanks sairam guruji.

I am Amy. I was really worried as even after consultations with so many doctors, he is not recovering fully. Lastly consulting from sairam guruji he had given predictions and solution for my son. With following of remedies, my son health had considerably improved thanks for sairam guruji I strongly recommended. Thanks so much again for your reading sairam guruji. It was really amazing and helpful. I've had readings from other famous astrologers and psychics and yours was the most accurate and genuine of them all.

My chart with such depth and clarity will be provided. Thanks for blessing. I have cross checked the based predictions with my personal Problems, and he said Solution they are accurate and genuine Astrologer. Kind, Best person sairam guruji, gave accurate solutions for all my problems. He helps me a lot. I am in good path. All my issues cleared. I am very happy. Our family has gone through a number of struggles, which has also been a learning experience for us in a way.

It was an emotionally exhausting phase of our life, which made us lose faith in everything. I am sure all of us know understand the importance of a bonding family. Pandith sairam guru ji however he said that predictions are working instantly thanks guru ji. Unable to find a suitable partner? Tired of rejections?

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Come to sairam guruji and he will provide you with the best solutions. Thanks guruji for helping me as well. I am Connie. I am facing tougher time in my marital life as lot of obstructions, tensions and confusions are coming in my marital life which is making my personal life quite disturbing for me. I am not able to find out solutions, un Expertly consulting sairam guruji he given solution for immediacy. Thanks guruji. I strongly recommended. I am in New York. In my life , obstructions are coming and going and whatever things , I was doing , was not getting marriage for me , be it is my job or in relation to my personal life , things are becoming messier for me.

Their analysis and observation of Horoscope is very very good, Excellent services thanks sairam guru ji. I was facing very tough time in my marriage. Met guru ji, discussed everything in detailed. There is so much hope now. Sairam astrologer is very nice person, had wonderful reading and experience was very nice. Thanks a lot. Sairam astrologer is different from other astrologers. He gave me accurate predictions about my Son studies and profession. He tells some simple remedies which give me powerful results. First consulted Sairam Guruji earlier this year around August during very tough times.

I explained him whole situation of my personal and professional life. He advised me with very simple astronomical and astrological remedies. I started seeing instant results within a month, I Strongly recommended. Great career consultation. It really helped me understand which planets, houses etc. Sairam even corrected my time of birth and provided me with the exact career field I should be in according to my charts.

Sairam Guruji gives excellent astrology readings. The best astrologer sairam guru ji I have ever met in my life. Initially I felt he is bit expensive but after the results I am very happy and will recommend him to others. I love that girl her name is Brandon. I meet astrologer of Sairam. He guided very well. I follow up his Predictions. I am very lucky now. Finally I got married with Brandon. I loved this site. I am thankful to my brother Stiles for introducing me to you. I was under heavy stress in my professional life and did not know what to do and where to go.

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You calmed me down and asked me to wait for the next 1 month. I should say it turned out to be great after the 1 month. Thank you so much for your help sairam guruji. Sairam astrologer is a great psychic I had a wonderful reading very accurate and on point, his remedies for some personal problems are very much effective and I feel very happy thanks guru ji. I was facing many problems in my relationships, I used to try many local jotish but nothing worked for me, My friend told me about Sairam Astrologer for me he will given predictions.

Thanks to them as now everything is perfect in my life. Check on internet and analyze. Small remedies and gems they have suggested have got improvement in Education. Sairam, was very accurate in his analysis of my Birth cart and provided in detailed explanation. It is hard to come across such good astrologers who take the time to review in so much detail. He took his time to even research my problem and he gives his input.

Highly recommend sairam guruji. I was separated with my wife, sairam has done prayers and he will give Advice to me my family, Now i am happy, I am Highly recommended. Foreign settlement astrology - thanks to Sairam Guru ji, for giving me advice and remedies with the help of which i was able to settle abroad in new York, USA. I found my guruji on if you have a dream to settle abroad then do consult astrologer Sairam Guruji. We both from a different caste and in love. We wanted to get married but our families did not allow us. Thus we contacted Sairam guruji to solve our marriage problem solution and he has surprised us in making it all happen with great perfection and satisfaction.

Today we are a happy couple all because of him. Thank you Sairam Guru ji. I am from New York, working with one of consulting firm here. Many astrologers were not able to give solution to my marital issue. They have given not only hope but very simple and easy remedies provided. Thank you sairam guruji. I was not sure how to select Apartment house from many options in a complex.

Professional and very good Vastu services. Thanks sairam guruji. Excellent experience. Very much accurate predictions. Give it a try and I am sure you will really like all the remedies which she give as well as it will lead to perfect predictions in your life. I am Virginia from Faridabad met Sairam at the time when i was in catastrophe. He took birth details of both me and my wife and calculates accordingly and suggest me some remedies.

He really is a great person and understanding. No matter All problem he is always willing to help Results of this service may vary from person to person. Sairam guruji is the best astrologer in USA. I was struggling in my career from last 1 Year. I was jobless. Sairam guruji gave me easy remedies and one gemstone.

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After doing the suggested remedies I got the desired job in1 months. He is very down to earth person and talks very politely. He always has solution for all your problems. I am highly recommending you to try this astrologer because he solved many of my family problems. I was having many problems regarding my Marriage for the last few Days, one of my friend suggested me to get consultation from astrologer Sairam.

Last year i consulted Astrologer Sairam and he suggested me some remedies and gives Predictions to wear, trust me with in few months i got positive results and almost my marriage problems solved. Thanks to Sairam Guruji. Sairam changes my life from sadness to happiness. They are big help to hearted peoples with perfect and perfect remedies. I consulted them for my few personal concerns. He has suggested few remedies to overcome the problem and I am really happy I contacted them. I am very thankful for all the advice and highly recommend for sairam guru ji.

Excellent consultation with effective remedies..! Genuinely helpful towards his clients, gives enough time for consultation. Talks sensible and the best part are simple remedies with highly effective results. Thanks Astrobhairavguru ji. Astrobhairav astrologer is different from other astrologers. He gave me accurate genuine predictions about my son studies and profession. Best astrologer in our country. A very humble, gentle and intelligent person. Having in depth knowledge on science of astrology. Astrologer Astrbhairav is really helpful with describing the bad positions of planets in my birth chart and describing me very simple and useful remedies which helped me a lot.

I am working as Marketing. The remedies worked so fast very happy. The problem which I was facing for the past 2 years went off in just 1 month. I consulted astrobhairav twice over a period of two year with 2 different problems which were troubling me and both the times I got immediate relief after following her remedies. My peace of mind was restored and he has a very knowledgeable astrologer to your problems instantly cure Irecommended strongly.

Thanks for helping me and my sister. The best astrologer astrobhairav, He gives best guidance to the future and his predictions are perfectly accurate. He has a deep and detailed knowledge of astrology. He definitely helped to take my future steps. I request others to consult him and get a clear vision of your future. Your advice astrology is excellent and almost all of your predictions are marvelous. It helps me to build up my confidence level up to remark and your guidance which bring my Ex lover back to the track.

Now I am full happy of personal life. Pandit astrobhairav really helped me lot because of his prayers only my family is safe today we were in tough situation he came like god for us. I consulted Pandit guru jiby looking into felt like he is right person I can't disclose about my problem but he is genius and trustworthy. You told me about approaching my carrier went very true and in right way, I got a good job and first time I am satisfied about my job carrier because of sairam astrologer.

Now I am getting married i am very happy with me. Thank you sir. He is best vashikaran specialist. That why i recommended to all. He is an awesome astrologer with amazing experience and best knowledge about astrology, I have seen many astrologers in my life but he is Genuine and nice Being an astrologer he is also a good man who hears people problem and give them Best remedies which everyone can do easily problem solving. Excellent Astrologer solved fast for my love problem solution and his best advice to me, consult sairam astrologer.

Best place to take guidance and excellent behavior and attitude like true professional and never criticize anyone and much devoted person with the service to his followers We are benefited from his advice and remedies I commandeered strongly sairamastrologer. I am consult sairam astrologer for my career. I was working from last 6 year successfully in company, and from last couple of years ,i am not getting promotion and good hike in salary, which is now directly impacting on my financial condition.

I consultant sairam and they suggested some predictions after study my horoscope. Pandit sairam guru ji have some great reputation as a black magic as well as Vashikaran specialist in this town My brother visited him last week and praised him very much I will really Suggest every one. Sairam astrology and at first was visited him due to family pressure and it really worked for me.

I will not say it has given me a predictions response but my personal life improved a lot. I really suggest every one that if looking for genuine astrology services go with sairam guruji. Thanks to Sairam guru ji for giving me advice and remedies with the help of which i was able to settle abroad in Texas, USA. I found my guruji on ssrastroleger. If you have a dream to settle abroad then do consult astrologer sairam for remedies and all your hindrances of visa and papers would vanish and you would live your dream like me. Sairam astrologer is changing my life from problems to happiness.

They are big-hearted peoples with perfect andgenuine logical remedies. Thank you Sairam guru ji. I was very much depressed about the instability in my lifeproblems. I came in contact with Padit astrobhairav ji and he explained me why it is happening and advised me, how to overcome this down phase of life. I am feeling relieved after talking to him. I am very blessed and fortunate to have a chat with such a great person.

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Sent from my iPhone. Thanks Pandit Astrobhairav guru ji, for your valuable time. The best thing is that you provide solutions which are easy to do in our busy life. Looking forward for guiding me in future.. Many many thanks.. I would definitely recommend. When we reached out to Pandit astrobhairav ji, we had few questions which he patiently listened to and answered my Education Problems much more than we expected. His Predictions helped me to move past some blockages in myEducation path. His suggestions and remedies were easy Solution For Permanently. One of the Pooja here in advance.

There is something eternal about this place everlasting peace. If it's just about the visit and coming back then you may not like it but one must do a pooja as per whatever you feel appropriate and you will be blessedastrologer astrobhairav by the experience. I was facing a lot of problems few months back; when I have discussed my problems with Astrologer Astrobhairav Guru ji. I was impressed by his predictions that they given. I gain many solutions from their advice and his Vedic astrology advice really amazing. His valuable advice helped me and family life.

Now, I am happy my job and am satisfied. I highly recommend Astrologer Astrobhairav. As I was really confused about astrology , should I consult or not but when I come to know Astrologer Astrobhairav guru Ji , I truly believe in real astrology his advice are very precious in all aspects and he also advice accurate remedies for many problem , I really thank full to him giving me so valuable advice.

Thanks to Panditji for analyzing my kundli and clearing my every question with straight forward answers and providing me better outlook and suggestions to improve things about me. Thank you Pandit Astrobhairav ji. Yesterday I called Pandit Astrobhairav jii. He told things about my future which i already asked with another pandit ji. Both pandit jee statement is different but Astrobhairav statement is genuine. He is very true and good astrologer. People must call him to know there future it's really right place to know..

What u wants? Thanks a lot Pandit ji 4 ur advice. Pandit ji seems to have a good knowledge of astrology. He listens to all queries with interest and provides clear Predictions, concise and to the point to point answers for all the questions asked. Good thing about this is, there is financial problem intended for the service and that itself creates a greater change of clarity and honest advice, I would definitely suggest.

Pandit Astrobhairav guru ji was very polite while answering my queries. He accurately predicted my life looking at my horoscope!!! Suggested some remedies and mantras. Great service. Thank you Guru ji for the guidance For Remove Black magic permanently to me and my family. I am enlightened and I am very grateful to you. I will keep in touch with you. My friend suggested me to try Astrobhairav astrology. I never knew a person without knowing you can tell so many things about us just by birth details.

He accurately identified my health issues and suggested that my good time is coming soon after some Saturn passing away. There are no words to describe Pandit astrobhairav ji. I have called him so many times and without any hesitation he answers all my questions so patiently as the Solution for My problems first time. He is great. Thanks Sir. Sometimes got stuck in life and don't know how to take things further, reading and palm reading the particularly Astrobhairav guided. My all doubts and uncertain thoughts were cleared by Astrologer Astrobhairav guru ji.

Very knowledgeable. My is Nellie living in USA, My husband left me for a good 2 years now, and I love him so much, I have been looking for a way to get him back since then. I have tried many options but he did not come back, unexpectedly visited Astrobhairav he gives me Solution My husband back thanks for Astrobhairav Guru ji. Very clear predictions astrobhairav guru ji for every point and detailed answers to our questions Thanks Astrobhairav guru ji. I never believed in astrology and at first was unexpectedly visited him due to family pressure and it really worked for me.

I really suggest every one astrologer astrobhairav that if looking for genuine astrology services go with him. I love that girl her name is Patricia, I meet one of astrologer of Astrobhairav, He guided very well. I follow up his instructions. Astrobhairav changes my life from sadness to happiness. They are big-hearted peoples with perfect and logical Predictions. Thank you Astrobhairav ji. Thank you so much sir for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction, career and marriage, no one were supporting me nor parents nor friends facing lot of financial issue.

Now I am getting married to the person my parents looked for my parents are very happy with me thank you sir. I really recommended Astrobhairav Guru ji astrology. So thanks to you for all this and I am truly glad for the report. Excellent services given by pandith sairam guru ji and very humble person. His predictions was very accurate. Truly he is a wonderful person I would like to recommend him all my friends.

I had consulted pandit sairam guruji for my personal problem I had no peace of mind I was not having interest in job also when I consulted panditjihe gave me exact and experience prediction and guided me to come out of my problem and now I am living stress less life and I got promotion in my job. When my daughter was 24 years old, we started looking for a suitable groom for her. She is pretty and has a very good job. We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem dosha in her horoscope.

We spent more than 5 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then we met Sairam Guruji. Within fourmonths of consulting him, we found excellent predictions for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled abroad.

He is not keen of making money. Believer in god and faith. Loved his remides ans astrology. Sairam guruji is so kind an soft spoken. She made me feel very comfortable and her reading gave me a lot of needed comfort and clarity. Even if you have never done tarot before I would recommend talking to her. Her price is also very reasonable. Such a great experience. I would highly recommend going to Sairam guru ji Knight for a reading.

I had my palm read there and it was very insightful, motivating, and overall spot on! She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely be going back! I can highly recommend a reading from sairamguru ji. She was very genuine, insightful, and spot on regarding my past and present and we'll see for the future!

She helped bring clarity to a few things in my past and present and set a few mile markers for the future. It was a great reading and I'm looking forward to going back. Without even knowing my name, she was spot on about my past life and what I should be doing in the future. I will definitely go back and believe ever word she says! Pandith Sairam Guru ji was kind and amazing. Her energy was calm and collected.

I have consulted many astrologer all over India but I met astrologer sairam guru ji who has experience of 20 years and most accurate of all his calculation were spot on.

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His deep knowledge and insight in for casting is incredible. Astrologer pandith sairam Guru ji is such a Genuine Astrologer.

Thanks so much I strongly recommended. Hy guys! All I wanna say is that my experience with pandith sairam ji was blessing!! Her knowledge for astrology and her personally she helps me so much when I was in a difficult situation in my life. I highly recommend her and I'm promising to everyone who need a bit of help in any aspect of their life to contact her pandith sairam ji.

She rocks!!! She also succeeds in delivering her astrological knowledge not only on a highly professional level, but in a charming way and with a good sense of humour as well. Working with her always results in a considerable benefit for my life. I had a tough time in my life months ago so I had a session with sairam astroloer suggested from a friend of mine that she has been before.

Still today I say you thank you to sairam because she described accurately about my situation and my my feelings. She is really kind and got bis sense of humour as well. I suggest to go pandith sairam ji if you need help for some circumstances of your life. Once again Thank you. I decided to have a consultation with Pandithsairam ji because I wanted guidance both on my future career direction and personal relationships.

Based on the very limited information I provided I. Time, date and place of birth I was very impressed by about my character and motivations. She was also very perceptive in her recommendations and I will be happy to stay in contact should I require advice in future. Pandith sairam ji is amazing. I am always bad thinking different of these sort of things and knowing her for before a reading I knew how honest and good intentioned she was.

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Her reading is based on were the stars are on the day and time you are born and was very informative and cool. She is the best and I highhhhly recommend her! I had a phone reading recently with Panth sairamastrology. She was very good at explaining in detail all the technicalities of my chart. Also she was very thorough in her description of my sun moon and everything in between.

I took date of birth notes as she was talking because it was fascinating to learn all the aspects of a chart. I would recommend her if you have a time in your life. She can look at your chart and help explain what is on your horizon! Was amazed how on point everything was. I can highly recommend!! Pandit saira Guru ji is amazing! He is reading Astrological Charts is evident throughout her time with you, from beginning to end.

She gave me confirmation of previous and current situations along with hope in her explanations of my date of birth and experiences to prepare for Very helpful, reliable and encouraging in helping understand birth charts and your path! Will definitely call her again in the future Thank you Pandith sairam guru ji. I really appreciate your help and guidance its because of your blessings sumit came back to me thank you so much maa.

Need y. But it starting happening working after 2 months of the prayers. Now I understood after prayers we have to wait to see the results. Thanks a lot with your prayers. I recently had a reading with Das and He clearly has a deep knowledge of astrology. He was able to explain the influence of planets in a way that was meaningful to me. I found it very helpful. I would highly recommend Das. Thank you for the informative, illuminating, direction-setting talk that was so clean and clear.

You are amazing at what you do! In spite of my qualifications and experience, I was having great difficulty in finding a suitable career opportunity. The remedial measures you suggested have been effective. After doing a Pooja I received two offers and have landed the right opportunity. Thank you for your help. I had made a career choice to join a company and you asked me to wait for two weeks before signing the offer letter. In an amazing co-incidence, I was approached by another company which offered me a much better opportunity in every respect.

Logically, I would have never seen this coming as the position was never advertised. I have been working for two months in my new position and am enjoying every minute of it - many thanks for your timely advise. Thanks a lot for your excellent report which I found to be very exhaustive. I have not come across such kind of clarity of thought as demonstrated in your report from any other astrologers.

You were very prompt in answering my subsequent queries which also showed your thorough knowledge on the subject. I will definitely consult you in the future whenever any need arises. I will now not look to any other consultants in the future. You have been most thorough in your analysis and did a great job with answering follow up questions.

Your analysis for physical attributes was right on and also your predictions for the times that have gone by. I will definitely be consulting you in the future. How are you? I have some good news to share with you. Taking your advice, we have attempted one more cycle of IVF in Singapore after performing the poojas prescribed by you. This time it worked and my wife is now into her ninth month of pregnancy and the baby is due any time. Thank you very much for your valuable advice. Thanking you, Best regards,. Thank you very much for your time this afternoon to go over my analysis, I am very satisfied and relieved with the results.

Also, thank you for taking my worry away for the period related to my health from May June I will look into finding Hessonite, although if I can't find it.. I will make sure to let you know. I will be in touch and thank you again Enjoy the day. I was advised by a friend that you are someone who has years of experience and lineage as an astrologist. Not only were you able to do my chart well, but you also gave relevant and precise interpretation of my chart.

Based on working with you, they lied to me. You far exceeded my expectations. Not only are you a gifted and very caring person, who gives your all. You when above and be onto answered any and all questions that I had. If yes then contact indian astrologer in New York who offers his services online for the ease of his clients. Contact him now. Astrologer Pandit Vikram, the well-known love Marriage specialist astrologer in newyork helps people to get their love back.

Vashi means hypnotize and Karan means the technique used to control a person. Psychic reading professionals inspire you to walk on the path that's right for you at this very moment. Pandit Vikram is the person who could help you if you are childless women by providing you various effective tantras and mantras to solve this problem.

Contact astrologer Pandit Vikram to get rid of all those problems that are troubling you and for which you are seeking the best possible solution. This astrologer in USA will overcome all the problems of your life through the world of astrology and bestow happiness on your lives forever. Contact him now by requesting the service you expect for solution to your problem and dial the helpline number given. See your life changing for the better.

My friend had been suffering from a serious symptom of black magic. Her parents were really worried. I came across the name of this astrologer and believe me the results were incredible. Within few days after consulting Pandit Vikram, my friend was fit and fine again, devoid of black magic. We had been married for almost 6 years and my wife was having difficulties in conceiving. We were really worried and had tried various treatments but nothing worked till astrologer Pandit Vikram came to our help and within days my wife conceived.

We are really grateful to this person. I was madly in love with a girl but due to some reasons we broke up and she left away. I missed her a lot and wished that a miracle may happen and she comes back. I had heard about astrologer Pandit Vikram. I contacted him and he used Vashikaran to get my love back.

Today, we are happily married, all thanks to him. Are you looking for an astrologer who can solve all your problems? If yes then there can be no person better than astrologer Pandit Vikram. Contact him through any of these methods. This reputed Indian Astrologer in California is there to solve all the problems of your life.

Contact him now and see your life changing for the better. Phone: Email: info. It may vary from one person to other person as our services are for the welfare of you and bring happiness in your life. Astrology remedies depend upon the problem you are having in your life. A small problem requires small treatment while large problem require vast solutions. We assured you that all information shared by you regarding your problem, personal information, name, email, phone no is kept secured at our end. There is no guarantee at our end that ever person will be get benefitted as based on various factors result may vary.

Email: info. Love Problem Solution Get perfect love relationship, family dispute solutions from love astrology expert astrologer Contact Us. Voodoo priest in New York, USA People who are facing problems in life related to career, job, health or any type of astrological problems and try to find solutions to these problems must consult Astrologer Pandit Vikram in USA who provides best astrology solutions for your life problems.

Why Choose Indian Astrologer? Genuine Indian astrologer in New York, USA Astrology is a science that involves the study of the planets, stars and their effects on our day to day life.

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