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Interesting Facts about Aquarius woman

They have an exceptionally high ability to put their imaginative qualities to the task and think outside the box.

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Careers that allow for concept development or demonstration can suit this sign well. High intellect, combined with a willingness to share their talents, inspires many who work in the same environment. Natural visionaries, Aquarians love to engage in careers that aim to benefit humankind in the long run. When it comes to money, this sign really has a knack for keeping a healthy balance between having the things that they need and putting money away.

Often while out shopping, the shiny, glittery, and extravagant will catch their eye even though their homes are generally decorated with less ostentatious taste. Careers that suit the Aquarian are acting, writing, teaching, cooking, photography, or aircraft piloting.

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The best work environment is one that gives them the freedom to tackle the task without a lot of strict guidelines. The Aquarian is unconventional, and given the opportunity to show their true talents they can perform amazing feats. Love and Sex For the Aquarian, intellectual stimulation is the greatest aphrodisiac by far. Honesty and sincerity are essential for anyone seeking a long-term connection to this dynamic personality.

Health Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Aquarius are the ankles and calves. This planet is considered the breaker of rules and traditions.

Aquarius Sex

Uranus rules psychology, inventions, originality, creative will, rebellion, and autonomy. This planet is futuristic, intellectual, and even eccentric. The Perfect Gift The best gift for an Aquarian is something mystical or arts related.

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Aquarius may seem detached and aloof but truth is they are capable of great care and affection. Aquarians uses their brain more than anyone else, meaning they are very intelligent but often over-think things. Once you disrespect an Aquarius they will cut you off as a person of interest for life.

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Aquarians have an imagination so wide and complicated, it is hard for them to explain what they feel and see exactly. Source: wtfzodiacsigns. When Aquarians are in a bad mood, you better just stay out of the way because anything can lead to a showdown 2.

Aquarius is heartless and sometimes cold but honest and straightforward with love. An Aquarius tends to take many things personally.

Aquarius' 'Dark Side'

An Aquarius with a broken heart will act like nothing happened.

aquarius fun facts astrology Aquarius fun facts astrology
aquarius fun facts astrology Aquarius fun facts astrology
aquarius fun facts astrology Aquarius fun facts astrology
aquarius fun facts astrology Aquarius fun facts astrology
aquarius fun facts astrology Aquarius fun facts astrology

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