Usa astrology january 2020

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The event itself is just too traumatic to process, like rape, so the soul flees the body and dissociates. A series of propaganda and fear programming builds up until eventually the body cannot contain it any longer and there is a delayed reaction to the abuse. Once the grief rises to the surface then the healing can begin. Buried Pluto fear Saturn can only stay underground for so long until eventually it is forced to the surface. The toxins that emerge are ugly, like the messy bursting of a boil, but it is needed. If Pluto represents the power elite then Saturn is their attempt to subvert, suppress and instil fear in the collective.

Looking at events that occurred during this conjunction in history you can see many seed moments attempts of controlling the masses through various means, but it is not always very obvious and mostly subversive. Advances in technology are seen in my research too. What can we expect to see with Saturn conjunction Pluto in ?

Planets in Signs

Most astrologers are predicting the collapse of the banking system, but back in history, there is only the example of currencies being created not collapsing. With this conjunction came the establishment of the gold ducat in Venice, Italy. In the Republic of Venice as it was then known was banking central for Europe much like the City of London is today.

I wonder if the group of families who were powerful in Venice then are the ancestors of the powerful EU banksters of today;. Venice was involved in the Crusades almost from the very beginning.

Astrological Events – Kelley Rosano

During the Inquisition of the Templars in the 14th century, the knights were falsely accused of worshipping this figure. The famous icon of Baphomet, i. This icon quickly became a symbol of the occult, specifically as a representation of evil and the Devil. To pry for hidden metals, to smelt out riches deposited in the veins of the earth, to fold sure-handed the malleable mass—these skills will come from you, as will aught which is fashioned of silver or gold.

That hot furnaces melt iron and bronze, and ovens give to the wheat its final form, will come as gifts from you. Hence comes a restless quality in their lives and a mind which is often changed and floats this way and that; the first half of the sign is the slave of Venus, and that with guilt involved, but a more virtuous old age is promised by the conjoined fish below. With Saturn ruling Capricorn you can see these victimisation themes will be ultra potent with the conjunction.

The control mechanism of the current elite has changed from religious crusading to celebrity endorsements of particular lifestyles.

The Mountain Astrologer

The music industry is a Lyra archetype. The Harp constellation is associated with those who control and promote artistes.

Saturn Pluto Conjunction - Jan 2020 - Major Economic and Governmental Changes

So it may not be just the banking system that collapses in but also the stranglehold on culture that the matrix controller system has via the music industry and Hollywood. Pentacles and pentagrams are both related when it comes to Saturn conjunction Pluto. Both had a far-reaching influence on young teenagers in their formative years. The impact of these cultural icons cannot be ignored. To be continued….

Most of my followers will want to know how this conjunction will affect them in these countries. So apologies in advance if this report is biased in favour of European civilisation. Conservative Party President Ronald Reagan became the first American chief executive to address a joint session of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

A global surplus of crude oil causes gasoline prices to collapse. The Falklands War. Labour Party. First televised White House address. US Airforce breaks the speed of sound with a rocket plane for the first time. Democratic Party H. Liberal Party. WWI A million soldiers die.

The bloodiest battle in human history. Jersey Shore Shark attacks. US Oxycodone narcotic related to codeine developed Germany. UK The last Quagga dies in Zoo.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

Protestant reformation begins. A case of dancing mania breaks out in Strasbourg, in which many people die from constant dancing. Oct The fall of the US as the dominant power. The demise of corrupt governments and the Conservative government in the UK. The birth of a new political and economic world order.

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Changes in rulers and governments. New laws to limit irresponsible banking and economic policy.

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