December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology

Full Moons with No Name

This will be an opportunity to break from the old safe patterns and step into that which is unknown. Find out what it means for your sign here. Astrology is having a moment now and perhaps forever. Are you feeling the Full Moon? Your instincts will be strong as Aries is the first fire sign of our zodiac. Trust them and act swiftly. Venus ventures into the underworld today. The love languages and codes are now changing as she travels into deeper and darker spaces.

This will be an excellent year to move - maybe across the country, to a new country or into your bright dream home. It is time to look at your partnership in a new way as a New Moon in Libra - the sign of partnerships - will grace the skies. So we just recorded a podcast for you to check out. I had so much fun chatting with Aliza at her place last Sunday night, the day after my birthday and in the glow of that beautiful Full Moon in Pisces. We talked about about the path to becoming an astrologer, what the cosmic life looks like, some handy tips and much more. To hear the full podcast, click here.

Eclipses have been lighting up your axis of true love since the year began so likely your love life has been through a already since January. Time to refocus your energy from the summer of Leo as much of the solar system will finally stabilize in earth signs. Back to work is right, though in a new and improved way.

In the heat of this fiery summer sky, there is a Full Moon in the cool air sign of Aquarius the opposite of Leo which will ask you to draw your attention to the collective you are a part of and to act in the best interest of it.

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Lets look at your year ahead It kicks off with a luscious new moon in Leo setting a rhythm of creative expression and more love for your new solar year. You are now peering into a new chapter that has absolutely nothing to do with your last 3 months. You might even wonder what your little one will look like, and what genes and traits he or she will inherit. But what about astrological signs? For the next 3 weeks, focus on clearing out old ways, patterns, and ways of relating you have since outgrown.

You have a big year ahead babe, kicking off with a solar eclipse in your own sign. See what's in store for the upcoming Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. If you're a fire sign—I'm talking to you, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—you're known for having a fiery personality because But there's so much more to fire signs than just being hot, hot, hot While your Sun is the part of you that everyone sees in the world — your personality, your Moon sign is more hidden as it rules your emotions and your subconscious.

After a very challenging week in the skies with Mars oppose Saturn, we end on a high note as this Full Moon will urge you to open up new roads in your life, untapped potential and opportunity. Find out what this Full Moon will mean for you.

First of all, any New Moon in Gemini is a time for us all to focus on the power of our words - both spoken and written. As Gemini rules communication, refine your message and how you communicate it to the world.

Feeling that Scorpio Full Moon already? On May 18, the moon reaches it's culmination in Scorpio, bringing up what has been hidden from plain view. The new moon in Taurus on May 5th will probably be the most auspicious moon of the year. I simply love it, as it will open new doors without any obstruction. If you're anything like me, you've probably read up a good deal about your zodiac sign to better understand and work on your personality traits. Or, maybe you just like to occasionally skim through the newspaper's horoscope section to check out what the stars say is in store for you.

But what if I told you that your star sign might also help you pick the best yoga pose for your body and mind? A Full Moon in Libra will reach its peak on Friday morning, culminating a chapter of your life and making way for a fresh start.

Ancient Month Names

Our resident astrologer Rebecca Gordon shares insight into the new year. Tonight this Full Moon in Cancer will ask you to release any old stories, emotions that are not serving you. And this will be easy as Full Moons always are times of a more effortless letting go Cancer rules the emotional body and the collective unconscious.

The surging interest in celestial observations and zodiac signs have given rise to a renewed sense of self-expression and spirituality. Thought things were starting to slow down? Think again! November has been jam-packed from an astrological perspective. It's time for a real fresh start. This New Moon is full of pure life-force energy asking you to stand in your power. The Sun and Uranus have not come together in this way in 84 years.

The days between now and Oct. Deep changes within your psyche and outer world will be inevitable. Take your cue from the stars for some decorating inspo — no, not the Hollywood celebrity type but your zodiac. This has not been the easiest Libra Season so I have neglected to post anything fluffy or lovey. Ok, do I ever. Little did I know that astrology would have such a profound impact on not only my personal life but my professional life, too. It seems like just about everyone is an astrologer these days with trends like tracking the moon at an all-time high.

Were you trying to actually get work done this Summer, or rather get anything done? Annnd the Virgo Season begins! Wish you a bright and graceful Eclipse Week. This is about turning on the lights where there was never electricity before. Step into your power babe! Medical Mantras for each Sign. Read for your Sun, Rising and Mars sign. Medical Astrology Class Sign-up closes August Top Sante - a british magazine, just interviewed me on the connection between your health and your stars. Hope you enjoy. How can you become a better listener and a stronger communicator?

Because Mercury, Gemini's Ruler will be in the sign of Cancer, your communication style this month should be more listening then speaking and piercing the surface to connect on a deeper level in the Cancerian waters. It was such an honor to return to the Dr. Oz show for the 3rd time talking about the connection between your physical health and your zodiac sign. I explain that all of the signs exist within each of us no matter what your 'sun sign' is. When a part of our body feels out of balance, we can look to the qualities of that sign to see what area of our life needs to be addressed.

And also, you can take preventive health measures by simply strengthening the areas of your body related to certain signs in your astrological chart. Each member of our Zodiac will have a unique message for this next 7 year chapter as Uranus will occupy a new area of your sky map starting May The Full Moon in Scorpio is a lantern you hold to Light your way through this crossroads in life. A re-alignment with your life purpose will be necessary as the full moon angles the karmic nodes…. The New York Times just mentioned my practice and quoted me in this piece about the role of astrology in today's world.

It is in Saturdays paper in print as well. Thank you Alexandra Levine for the fantastic work on this. Tonight the New Moon in Libra will expose the imbalance in your relationship, revealing the abuse that was swept under the rug. For years, centuries and millennia, we have ignored and kept hush about these traumas that have somehow become commonplace. On October 10th, Jupiter our planet of luck and expansion, entered the sign of Scorpio. So obviously this will be magnificent if you are a Scorpio. Still, Jupiter in Scorpio brings a cornucopia of luck and glimmering potential to some aspect of your life.

Get the scoop on what Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for you. Each sign has a unique message for this Harvest Moon. The New Moon in Virgo will arrive on September 20 and invites you to focus on your unique super power. Own it. Then begin to clear out all of the things from your life that pull you away from that.

Strategize, scale and make your life more efficient so you can simply do what you do best. From color, to style, texture and moon - here's a quick-guide to decorating that I just published with Vogue. Today as Mercury enters it's home sign Virgo, and the Moon enters Taurus, we are finally landing from all the wild eclipse energy of August.

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There is no better time than the present to dry off, and step with one foot in front of the other into your new direction that is finally coming into a clear focus. Gotta Love Mercury Direct. She asked me stellar questions and we had fun in the process. Best way to do anything! Detroit free Press Interviews me and other prominent astrologers about the upcoming Eclipse, historical cycles, and the future of our nation. On August 21, , a solar eclipse will occur on the exact point in the sky as the star Regulus.

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  6. This brings into sharp relief the strange destiny of Donald Trump. Eclipse Season means that change is inevitable and once you that take a leap of courage, your previous reality will soon dissolve. If you hesitate and hold fast to the past, the rug will be pulled from beneath anyway. So change is a non-negotiable and usually a good thing during this time of year We talk about whats in store for Oscar Nominees in the year ahead and how their chances at winning look for Feb 26 the Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

    In photo, Bette Davis winning the Oscar for best actress in Jezebel Oz invited me to his show to speak on the connection between astrology and health. He also features our book 'Your Body and the Stars'. Loved being on the show! See the full episode here. Each sign has a horoscope and a power plant.

    Astrology is the language of energy and when our passion planets change sign, so does the love language. Find out what the November Stars will say about your love life here. Jupiter entered Libra in September, though the planet of luck just made a grand entrance on October 1 flanked by the Sun and Moon, initiating his year long stay in the sign of 'partnerships'. Sure, we are all made from stardust, though very different kinds of it, as we are all a different sign of the zodiac with a totally different birth chart. So here is a stellar work-out guide tailored for you and your Zodiac sign.

    Love that we have a Moon in Scorpio for Halloween! We chat on how I became an astrologer and the co-creation of this book 'Your Body and the Stars'. By surrounding yourself with certain plants in your home and garden, you can in fact conjure in the planetary energy to change your life in a desired way. One simple way is. I grew up learning astrology with my step-mother, and I simply could not get enough. As soon as I opened my first book on the subject, I knew that this was going to change my life in a profound way. Here was a timeless and symbolic language that seemed to describe all the happenings in our lives.

    What's your Wedding Style? Though I do think your Sun sign, Venus and rising sign all factor when it comes to stylistic decisions. September Stars! See what this month has in store for you - Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde and how rock this. Eclipses are masterful at cleaning house in your life, your work, and your relationships, as they have a way of directly addressing what is not in harmony with your Truth. The initial 'partner eclipse' will occur mid-August and this will punctuate the breaking or making of a bond for you.

    If a relationship has been wavering, you seem to be getting the absolute clarity one way or the other. You must trust the way things 'land'. Ruled by the Moon, you are innately synced up to all cycles in nature, the ocean tides, and especially the different phases and signs of the Moon.

    Read on to find out what this year has in store for you. Discover here what the June Stars will say about you! Eclipses will strike at the top and bottom of your chart in — showing that you are due for a massive shake-up in both areas of career and home and the pieces will all land in a very different place then they appear for you at this moment. Love will be your headliner this year. Being a Venus-ruled babe, you may be pleased to know that lucky Jupiter is now spending quality time in the area of your chart which rules romance, fertility and creativity.

    This happens every 12 years. Mercury is due to go retrograde at the start of the new year, from January 5 through January Our resident astrologer, Rebecca Gordon, shares exactly what's in store for you here:. Four astrologers share why they chose the star-studded career path.

    Western Astrology is quite Solar based though the Moon reveals stories of the soul, you day to day comfort levels and what your needs are in relationships. Planets are teachers. I was talking with my friend Gabby last week about how such regular cosmic happenings like say, a retrograde have often turned into 'freak out and. It all comes back to the fact the Universe just wants you to be you. And all of these transits are nudging you towards that evolution September is a month brimming with arousing quality and energy for Scorpions. Eclipse Season is a sacred time of Year as the seeds of change will be ripe for flipping the script in your life.

    A Solar Eclipse is. Choices you made over the last 2 months regarding love may well seem strange to you now. The fog lifts today, at last. Certainly something. Text from the ex? That's not all VenusRx is about. TripleCheck everything darlings. Going away for the weekend? Make sure. Hello Stardust Beauties! Listen for your Sun Sign and Rising. May will beckon for you to put on the brakes and take in the scenery. Not your usual MO? This month is full of signs and signals that you must slow down enough in order to get This eclipse is about reclaiming your emergence from the womb.

    Your right to be here on the planet, right here and now. It is time to emerge, stand up and dry off. Happy Solar Eclipse in Pisces! While your extremely adept on managing a budget, the last few weeks may have thrown you for a financial surprise. You are a pure representation of the spirit and flesh of your birth moment in Cosmos energy translated into matter.

    However, you can walk it any way you choose. Back Offerings Book Satya Jewelry. Articles, Press, and Blog by Rebecca Gordon. Nov 11, Full Moon in Taurus. Nov 8, Financial Times Star power: the strange rebirth of astrology. Oct 31, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

    Full Moon for October 12222

    Oct 28, New Moon in Scorpio. Oct 21, Oct 12, The Taurus full Moon of the 12th shines light on your domestic arrangements, and here too, a radical rather than routine solution may present itself. The need for respite from the fray remains under emphasis, thanks to your traditional ruler, Saturn, staying behind the scenes. Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as that of fanciful dreamers, Pisceans are just as capable of practical, effective action as any other sign.

    Just as well, since you are likely to face a few awkward questions in November; financial issues, promises you made in October that are called in. The Scorpio new Moon of October 28 nonetheless promises a fruitful month, with your outreach to foreign shores and distant friends enhanced.


    Those of you in education and charity work are likewise favoured. Show business is another option. Charm, and your Piscean ability to navigate choppy waters with canny ease, work wonders. Play to the gallery. Romantics take note. New encounters may have an unorthodox quality, not least around the full Moon of November The almost full Moon of the 9th and 10th makes for a heady weekend; if you can turn rivalry into mutual attraction you could make a breakthrough.

    Mars moves on at the 19th, whether disputes especially over money can do the same is open to ongoing negotiation. Concurrent with the deep and meaningful stuff in Scorpio and Libra is the razzle dazzle of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, signalling a gloriously outgoing phase that can take you through the midwinter celebrations to the entertainments of next year.

    Sagittarius, a kindred fire sign, is about both geographical and philosophical exploration; outdoor treks, travel, fierce expositions on truth and beauty. Also strong in the mix, thanks to Venus, are romantic adventures and attractions that happen swiftly enough even for impatient Rams.

    Jupiter being the planet of plenty and too much , you may also get a pay-off as it completes its year- long transit of the Archer. Birthdays from April 13 onwards are urged not to take good fortune for granted. The new Moon of November 26 is an omen of joy and adventure for all of you, though with Saturn still overhead, you still have to take care of business. Welcome to the mire of Mercury retrograde — opposite you until the 21st — more of which shortly. New alliances and friends come along to displace worn-out associations.

    Such is the backdrop for November, when the Sun opposes you from Scorpio until the 23rd along with that moody Mercury and, from 19th, Mars. All of which asks you to handle your one-on-ones with rare finesse. Compromise — not always a Taurean virtue — is required, even if you feel undervalued. Merely digging in your heels only serves to drive others away. The retrograde Mercury until the 21st requires a detailed retrace of recent agreements, but nothing happens in a hurry. A whirlwind affair is on the cards with Mars in Scorpio, but if you insist on getting into disputes, expect to find yourself outgunned.

    When is the next full moon? October's Hunter Moon and moon schedule revealed

    Mars in Scorpio can be a wily bruiser. You can always opt for industriousness as a way out of personal jams. The heavyweight planets in Capricorn are about to get heavier, and approaches to the status quo of your profession are promised a cordial reception. An international dimension may well be involved. In November the giant planet completes its year-long transit of Sagittarius, hopefully granting you a stroke of good fortune as it departs.

    More reliable is the opposition of Venus between November 2 and 26, an opportunity to make peace overtures to anyone with whom you are on the outs, and to marvel at the excellent company and meaningful looks you attract. With Mars likewise in a romantic spot until the 19th , your love life looks a high burn thrill.

    If not, the cosmos is on your side to turn things around. The 14th and 15th look promising, as does the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the 24th.

    November 12222

    The new Moon of November 26 is another spur to stay active. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is stuck in the mudflats of Scorpio, in your sixth house of work and good practice. Recent readjustments to your timetable are ongoing; use November to spruce up your infrastructure, tech and surroundings; you are looking for something Scandi- cool, case of clear of clutter, clear of mind. Anything arty ticks the right boxes. Or feeling just plain stuck? Your horoscope gives you good reason for both emotions. The new Moon your governor of October 28 promises a lively month when you can feel at ease with yourself and your social circle, the latter in a state of happy flux as new contacts breeze along.

    Scorpio being a fellow water sign, and planets there nodding to distant Neptune in the third water sign, Pisces, spells dynamism. Scorpio birthday parties call for your attendance. There are, of course, catches. Personal affairs and private business initiatives look more fruitful than official business. Many Cancerians have the dread duo of Saturn and Pluto in opposition, meaning the status quo at work is indifferent to your fate or actively blocking your progress.

    This too shall pass; brings a fresh perspective on seemingly intractable issues. Matters perk up once Mercury straightens out and Mars arrives in Scorpio to rock the party any party you can find will do. If you are in the dating game the stretch to new year puts you on the front foot, the hunter if you like. Existing partnerships are due a shake-up if they are to provide the nourishment you want. Take your pleasures seriously. To help move things along, Venus moves into opposition on November 26, and will be followed by Jupiter early in December.

    Meanwhile there is a new moon in Sagittarius, also on November 26; a straightforward affair asking only that you work at maximum efficiency and look after your health, which given the strain of all that partying, may need cossetting. Delays and distractions are the order for the first three weeks of the month. Hey ho. Mars in Libra until the 19th remains obliging for whipping up support and for trade and mutual backscratching.

    Venus in the Centaur is the stuff of grand romance, folks on white chargers and chestnut mares. The last week of the month, when Venus and Jupiter meet and a new Moon arrives, looks joyous and should carry you clear through to Christmas. A planetary picture steeped in earth signs like your own promises a helpful mood. Carry on the good work from October, first of all where finances are concerned.

    Mars has a couple of weeks more in your zone of resources, and is agreeably aligned to Saturn, the master of material affairs, in fellow earth sign Capricorn; money and pleasure hand in hand. Such themes are re-emphasised at the Taurus full Moon of the 26th, and with the arrival of Mars across your communications and travel axis at the 19th. Through to new year you have outreach, perhaps even internationally.

    Pursue with vigour Mercury retro allowing ; reticence is the enemy. Partnerships and heart strings are very much part of the mix. Venus in earthy Capricorn from the 26th is handy for the social whirl and the flirtation that goes with it.

    Hunter's Moon 12222 spiritual meaning: What does the Hunter’s Moon mean for you?

    Having Mars in your sign is like owning a sharp kitchen knife; beautiful to work with but not for the clumsy. You can take that metaphor on a physical level — coughs, sneezes, bumps, bruises, reckless tackles — and on the behavioural plane too. Practical work is one way to stay out of trouble — at least until Mars moves on at the 18th. The current lunation in your second house of resources calls for a rethink. The charity shop will welcome unwanted items. The intensifying planetary congregation in Capricorn likewise concerns your material security; bricks and mortar, family ties, endowments and the like.

    So much water and earth going on may make a flighty Libran feel bogged down. The asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage and justly balanced relationships, is now busy in your skies to help you set things to rights.

    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    december 16 2019 harvest moon astrology December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology
    December 16 2019 harvest moon astrology

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