Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly

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You will try to stick to right path and it may not be easy. Spouse may initially disagree with your plans but in the end show full support. Help you anticipated from a prominent person will come on time. Blessings of a religious person will come to your rescue and you will be successful in resolving a major hurdle in career and it will be turning point in life. Health will return to shape with little exercises.

Pandit Parashar Weekly Horoscope - Year of Clean Water

Value of stocks will appreciate. You will be making several well calculated move in life this week. Change of strategy will help trim liability and stop wastage of money. Strong will power will help overcome difficulty and you will be able to gather finances for your new project. Spouse will also have better luck in career and may be in line for a big promotion or raise.

You may visit a holy place with family and participate in some special prayers for welfare of family. Divine protection and good deeds performed in the past will come to your rescue and you will successfully resolve a tricky situation in career or business. Government agency will finally deliver the justice in your favor. Spouse may have health issues hard to detect by modern medical science. Some one close from overseas will call to share a good news with you.

You will continue to march closer to your financial goals. You may also dispose off money making stocks and put money aside. You may spend an evening with some very successful and prominent people. Some of you be calling overseas more frequently this week. You may need to see a dentist for some problem brewing up lately. Spouse will give some practical ideas. Planets will help you have better control over life. Most of your attempts will hit the bull's eye. Some of you may be offered another lucrative job with added perks.

These predictions are offered by Pt Umesh Chandra Pant with over 18 years of experience in the world of astrology and who is among the Best Astrologer in Delhi India. For a more detailed and precise information about personalized horoscope Chart ask here. It will be a good time to shuffle your financial portfolio for getting higher returns but refrain from indulging in speculation oriented activities.

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At work, you will become organized and increase your rate of success. Singles may get pressured to take a relationship seriously or get married. Married couples will find it difficult to find time to spend with their beloved. Some health issues may disturb you this week so be careful.

Turn those negative thoughts into positive feelings and make changes to improve your working methods. There will be some encouraging returns from an investment made earlier. Good time to shuffle your portfolio to get higher return.

If you have any health issue for long, you are likely to start getting respite from the same now on. Singles will be successful in shaping a serious relationship. Relationships in general will be at peace. Remain cautious that your hard earned money does not get wasted on unnecessary things. Remain driven to follow a good diet and lifestyle to prevent any nutritional deficiencies. Singles need to take time to find the right companion.

Married couples may have a tough time clearing misgiving with their partner. Businessperson may strike a profitable deal with an old customer that may result to meaningful gains.

However, business prospects will not remain very encouraging this week. You may incur some expense for some urgent requirement for the family. LEO July 23 to August 22 : You will possibly meet some important people this time around and you need to develop rapport with them as it is prove beneficial in the long run. Some good opportunity will come around midweek so you need to be alert and grab these opportunities.

This week signifies good fortune and will bring you financial happiness. Make sure to have significant savings during this period. Health matters will be more or less stable provided you take timely action against common ailments. Paying attention to symptoms is crucial to stay healthy.

However, it will also enhance your financial prospects. Set your priorities and spend wisely. Make planned moves related to major financial involvement. Businesspersons will be able to increase their turnover at this time. You will look for the right exposure of your skills at work. Be patient and wait for the right time. Marital life will be pleasant and enjoyable. Health front will be good but starting a new fitness regime now is recommended. Married ones may get some useful suggestion from their partner to save money. You will become busy formulating strategies to shore up your finances around midweek. An encouraging opportunity will come your way. You need to act fast to grab this opportunity. Luck knocks for professionals in form of a big job opportunity with better prospects.

Get ready to accept new challenges to prove your worth. In matters of the heart, you may face some unpleasant situations dealing with your soul-mate. You need to be calm and have patience on your side. Just remain careful about receivables from customers. You will have a healthy financial position. Refrain from taking major risks in financial matters for now. Singles will yearn for physical intimacy with a member of the opposite sex.

Married couples need to kindle the fire to enjoy pleasures of marital life. Common cough and cold will bother you this week. Though it sounds ordinary, do not take it lightly and treat this urgently for good. However, positive vibes of Jupiter will save the day for you.

Avoid calculated risk to enhance your prospects. Jupiter will also present good opportunities to benefit monetarily. Financial position will be strengthen.


Make sure to focus on saving for the future. You might encounter some health issues so take care. You are required to work hard to achieve desired results whether at work or in business. You will remain in comfortable financial position. While planning finances, you need to keep enough provision for contingency.

Singles who are seeking a relationship need to check all quarters, before making any major commitments. Married couples will spend enjoyable time with their partner. Health-wise, minor issues like common cough and cold may lead to complications, if not treated promptly.

pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly
Pandit parashar horoscope of taurus weekly

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